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Praising The Trustfulness To UAE
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Abu Dhabi Lebanese Business Council organize “The Lebanese Day Festival 2013”

Praising The Trustfulness To UAE

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Tuesday 14 May 2013: Abu Dhabi Lebanese Business Council, chaired by Mr. Sufyan Al Saleh, held their annual gathering “The Lebanese Day Festival” on Friday 10 May 2013, at the Armed Forces Officers Club in Abu Dhabi, with the presence of Her Excellency Mrs. Farah Al Khatib Al Hariri, Acting Charge d’affaires at the Lebanese Embassy in Abu Dhabi, along with several ambassadors, and business leaders, from both UAE and Lebanon, in addition to guests of the Lebanese community in UAE.

The Lebanese Day started with a welcoming speech by Mr. Sufyan Al Saleh, Chairman of Lebanese Business Council in Abu Dhabi, where he praised the solid relationship between UAE and Lebanon, “Every year, the Lebanese community in Abu Dhabi, gather to celebrate The Lebanese Day, as a sign of appreciation to their loyalty and sincerity to the hospitality of United Arab Emirates” Mr.  Al Saleh said.

“We believes in the importance of Emiratis – Lebanese relations, and therefore encourages investments between the two countries, Moreover, The Lebanese Business Council constantly aims to enhance and develop these relations, and to emphasize on the cultural and civilized image of Lebanon and their community in UAE through organizing similar business, cultural and social events such as “Abu Dhabi International Business Forum” and “The Economic Forum” for Dr. Riad Salame” Mr.  Al Saleh added.

At the end of The Lebanese Day, Mr. Al Saleh, on behalf of the Lebanese Business Council members, Lebanese Community and himself, thanked and expressed his appreciation to UAE leaders under the leadership of HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of UAE, for the hospitality and opportunities given to the Lebanese community to be part of UAE growth and development.

This year, the guests of Lebanese Day festival were entertained by a variety of activities, such as awarding the winners of the sports competitions held by the Lebanese Business Council, Lebanese standup comedy shows, Lebanese traditional Dabkeh, and dancing show which reflect the praising of trustfulness to UAE, in addition to many exciting prizes and games competitions of drawing and art craft. 

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